what we do

We provide consultancy services in the following areas of work:


We work in partnership with organisations and individuals at many different levels to co-create communication strategies and advocacy interventions that meet their needs and are likely to meet their development ambitions.

We have experience of development communication from the earliest days of the World Wide Web. We have introduced and supported information and communication tools and strategies in all sizes of NGOs, international organisations and networks.

We promote a strategic approach to the use of social media tools to fit with an organisation’s overall communication needs and objectives. We link together the different web spaces so that the content can travel across the system, and offer different channels to disseminate this content and reach different target groups.

Digital technology and media

We have extensive experience in understanding and addressing the challenges and opportunities presented by the integration of digital technologies into organisational and project processes.

Our approach is people based: before looking at tools, we start from the business processes and functions that technology has to support, finding effective (and ideally simple) solutions that can enable users to do their work. Adopting a functional perspective (instead of a tool focused perspective) helps users to understand how to work more efficiently and effectively - and to buy in into a new technology.

Events and workshops

Photo credit: Ariel Djomakon
We have track record in designing, running and documenting events and workshops, ranging from internal programmatic meetings to large scale public conferences and innovation fairs. 

We do this by using participatory methodologies that transform participants from passive listeners to active contributors. 

We combine this with a vast experience of social reporting, using social media to document the event, capture the conversation as they happens and extend the reach of face-to-face gathering to reach a large online audience - and run pre-event social reporting apprenticeship courses, deepening the pool of participants in global conversations. 

We also transpose our facilitation experience online, designing and running live online webinars and meetings using a variety of conference platforms and tools.

Knowledge and learning

Our K&L work is anchored in the Knowledge Management for Development (KM4Dev) community, which comprises 4000+ international development practitioners, questioning, sharing and learning together in conversations that shape the way knowledge sharing, communications and learning are conceptualised and put into practice in development organisations and networks.

Our experience revolves around around supporting organisations and networks in sharing experiences through the use of knowledge sharing methods and tools that promote group learning.

We are not great fans of technology-centric KM, having learnt from hard experience that databases and repositories help information management but often get in the way of learning between people. However, as specialists in using social media and other collaborative platforms creatively, we help organisations blend face to face and online conversations that matter.