Monday, October 22, 2007

Commitment to Development Index: European Launch meetings

Each year the Commitment to Development Index (CDI) ranks 21 high-income industrialized countries on how well their policies and actions support poor countries' efforts to build prosperity, good government, and security. in 2007, the focus is on the environment component, which includes scores for policies and practices related to climate change. Find out how the countries stack up - and how they compare to Brazil, Russia, India and China (the so-called BRICs) in their global environmental policies.

Chief architect of the Commitment to Development Index, David Roodman, launched the 2007 index in a series of meetings across Europe.

10 October, London: ODI

2 November, The Hague: Ministry of Foreign Affairs

5 November, Brussels: Euforic

6 November, Bonn: EADI

7 November, Lisbon: EU Development Days

More information on the CDI is at:;

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