Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Euforic at the Italian Information Architects summit

The Italian Information Architects summit in Trento (November 2007) was a perfect opportunity to catch up with current thinking on information architecture on the web.

Presenters covered everything from innovation, through taxonomy to the future shape of the web.

Particularly interesting were the presentations on the construction of information architecture. The thinking in matching classification schemes to web architecture and improving user interfaces shows the difference with the traditional information management thinking. Here there are compromises between navigation and 100% retrieval. Design and ease of use are as essential as good keywording to lead users to the information they are seeking from a site.

Several presentations proved relevant to the IKM emergent project; the Euforic presentation will be elaborated upon as input to Euforic's IKM Vines project.

See Euforic newsfeed, dossier and wiki on web 2.0.

by Chris Addison