Thursday, February 28, 2008

Euforic helps extend reach of DFID R4D portal

As a partner in the CIMRC consortium with CABI and ComsConsult, Euforic contributes to the "Research for Development" platform of DFID.

In 2007, we worked on four main elements:
  • Newsfeeds on over 50 subjects and all target countries - see the full list at

  • Subject views for each major subject area on the portal, combining news, case studies, projects and documents

  • Marketing R4D content and services at international meetings: for example at the Web2fordev conference in Rome, the European Development Days in November, and at several Brussels Development Briefings.

  • Knowledge Organization to enhance the search services and database structure behind the R4D site.

  • DFID Research Strategy, helping to promote wider participation.