Tuesday, June 24, 2008

ReliefWeb: Humanitarian aid information exchange

During the Euforic/EADI workshop case study workshop ‘Showcasing knowledge and information services’ Eva Vognild presented the Relief Web website, an information exchange tool for the humanirtarian aid community.

ReliefWeb was created after the Rwanda genocide, responding to the need of the international community for to overcome a clear lack of information in crisis situations. It aims at providing timely information on natural disasters, emergencies and crisis situations. Staff is located in five regional offices around the world, making possible to provide a 24/7 coverage and constant flow of information.

The information is at the moment offered in 3 different languages, but the idea is to have more in the near future. Together with that, ReliefWeb plans also to offer more analysis and contextualizes information, on top of the large amount of news updates that is published every day.

Listed to Eva presenting ReliefWeb

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