Sunday, December 28, 2008

Euforic goes Nordic

In December 2008, Euforic's Chris Addison contributed to several awareness and training activities held in Copenhagen and Oslo in December 2008.

He reported on the meeting facilitated by the Danish Development Research Network on the evaluation of research communications in early December (on communication M&E and communication success).

He also worked with the Danish Institute of International studies (already a euforic member) to establish their channel and report on their migration and climate change seminar. A series of sessions with DIIS researchers established their own virtual research desks, blogs and search engines.

A morning session at the Nordic Institute for Asian Studies covered an introduction to recording meetings on, the web2 high street tools and building a web presence rather than a site. One day at Norad included briefings to over 30 staff and work with individual teams on relevant tools and approaches to communicate, store and retrieve development related information.