Friday, February 20, 2009

Global Perspectives on current climate, economic and security crises

The February 2009 issue of the magazine 'Global Perspectives' provides a first analysis on the newly established International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA). The agency, which currently has 76 member states from industrialized and developing countries, representing 2,5 billion people, aims to accelerate and coordinate the introduction of renewable energy production. It wants to offer member states practical advice to reach their individual renewable energy targets.

On environmental policy, Yvo de Boer (Executive Secretary, UN Framework Convention on Climate Change) looks ahead to the upcoming Copenhagen summit in December 2009.

Regarding the global financial crisis, Inge Kaul (Herti School of Governance) calls for support to an appeal by a group of economists aiming to enhance coordination among the Euro-zone economies in the light of the global financial crisis. The journalist Eric Walberg looks at new ideas and solutions for the financial and economic breakdown. He also comments on the push to more global financial regulation in Europe and the US to tackle the crisis.

On the security crisis in Gaza, Baher Kamal Youssef presents his views on the background of the Gaza War and the involvement of the different interest groups. Gunilla Carlsson (Swedish Development Minister) and Karen Abu Zayd (UNRWA) call on us not to forget the children suffering under the ongoing conflict in Gaza; they offer a 10-step programme to overcome the humanitarian crisis.

Global Perspectives is a bi-lingual (English/German) joint production by IPS Inter Press Service Europe and the Global Cooperation Council, published by Globalom Media. The monthly editions on various themes of international cooperation and development are dowloadable for free.

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by Martin Behrens