Monday, March 23, 2009

Democracy promotion: No end of history

While democracy promotion became a 'Boom Industry' of International Cooperation in the 1990s, governance indicators show a negative global trend today. At the same time International Democracy Assistance is criticized for not showing measurable results.

A Briefing Paper of the German Development Institute looks at strategic challenges for Democracy Promotion and Assistance.

The authors come up with 10 recommendation:
  1. Invest in research about the preconditions, catalysers and processes of democratization
  2. Take regard of conflicting political targets
  3. Ensure a coherent policy towards partners
  4. Take regard of regional and local contexts
  5. Take a strategic and long-term approach
  6. Chose the right partners to support change
  7. Be aware that the time of invention offers different opportunities, be flexible if change happens
  8. Take the right measures at the right time (i.e. human rights before democratic elections)
  9. Ensure coordination and synergies with other policy sectors
  10. Take a holistic systemic approach for evaluation instead of looking only on project outputs
See the Euforic newsfeed and dossier on governance.

See also ICCO on Democratization and Peacebuilding