Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Translating research into action

A recent post on the R4D blog introduced the importance of 'knowledge translation' that helps get research into use.

A new 'knowledge translation toolkit' from IDRC and SDC shows how researchers can can link their research with action. With a focus on health, contents include:

Chapter 1 - Knowledge Translation: An Introduction

Chapter 2 - Bringing in the Demand: Towards the Harmony of Push and Pull - demystifies the “demand side” of research, how decisions are made, what we mean by “evidence”, strategies for promoting linkage and exchange, as well as knowledge brokering.

Chapter 3 - Knowledge Management - a starter’s kit to KM, examining the people, processes and technology that can maximize the utility and impact of both tacit and explicit knowledge.

Chapter 4 - Context Mapping

Chapter 5 - Evaluative Thinking

Chapter 6 - Designing a Communications Strategy - ten Essential Elements that any strategy must answer to get a better picture of where we are, what we have to say to the world, and how we intend to say that.

Chapter 7 - Communicating Research: Print Media - discusses peer-reviewed articles, newspaper articles, press releases, policy briefs, and newsletters.

Chapter 8 - The Two-Pager: Writing a Policy Brief

Chapter 9 - Systematic Reviews

Chapter 10 - Open Access - outlines the logic, the history, the various “routes” to OA, and how researchers can both access and contribute to it.

Chapter 11 - The Conference 2.0: Better Presentations, Better Conferences - discusses oral presentations, poster presentations, and conference presentations.

Chapter 12 - Tapping Technology: Integrating Technologies - focuses on the three major applications that we all use every day – email, the internet, and word processing.

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