Friday, April 17, 2009

Dgroups Partnership meets in The Hague

On April 15 and 16, representatives of 13 members of the Dgroups Partnership met in The Hague. Margarita Salas from Sula Batsu in Costa Rica joined most of the meeting remotely, in spite of the huge time difference, and participated virtually in the discussion. Damir Simunic from WA research, technical host of the platform, also participated in the majority of the sessions.

The agenda of the meeting was quite dense, with a lot to be discussed both on the technical side, as well as on the partnership side. Among other things, the following items were on the table:
  1. review the new platform, its usability, hosting, and support provisions;
  2. agree priorities for further platform development and enhancements;
  3. elect board members to the Foundation, discharging the current executive committee;
  4. agree management, coordination, financing arrangements for the coming years.
This meeting was the first opportunity for Dgroups members to meet face to face to review all the actions and changes since their last meeting (January 2007).

In spite of the short time available, all the items on the table were addressed and clear decisions for future actions taken. A new board was elected; the usability of the platform was discussed at length; support mechanisms have been put into place; and agreement on the main governance elements of the partnership were taken.

Christian Kreutz argues that the Dgroups commmunity is as important as the platform:

Sarah Kerr, ex-Bellanet and long term Dgroups supporter reflects on recent developments:

Euforic participated in the meeting as coordinator and sub-contractor to Dgroups. In this role, we've been nurturing the partnership and catalyzing the various steps along the way.

A report of the meeting will soon be available. More information on the meeting can be found on the Dgroups blog; see more video interviews on Dgroups.

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