Friday, October 16, 2009

SNV shows that development assistance does make a difference

SNV, a major Dutch development NGO, and the news channel Euronews have produced a series of five journalistic video reports (or vignettes) of 90 seconds each. Each addresses a global issue such as the energy crisis, water, sanitation and hygiene shortages, the gap between rich and poor and the impact of the global financial crisis on developing countries. In all of these video reports we convey the message that ODA (Official Development Assistance) works. There are concrete, local solutions that really make a difference. Scaling these up is the key to long-term growth in the developing world.

The vignette series will be launched at the 4th European Development Days 2009 (Stockholm, 22-24 October), and will be broadcast on Euronews from October 19th until 27th December.

They can also be seen on the websites of both SNV and Euronews, and on the campaign website
For more information see also Euforic's newsfeeds on energy, water and sanitation, economic development, the financial crisis, and the European Development Days