Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Facilitation Anywhere - Who Are The Facilitators


There are 35 (or 350) people in the room - how do you start smoothly, connecting and bringing people into the room and the task?
Oxfam WWS Oct 13(2)Facilitation Anywhere – face to face and online - is a new training course Pete Cranston and Isobel McConnan are putting together with INTRAC. They're using seven broad categories to help organise the material and the event. Openings is, unsurprisingly, the first category. In a series of short posts they're going to share to share some of their reflections as they design the programme. They'll be noting two sets of ideas:
  1. "Selecting some of our favourite methods and tools from their personal archives, which they’re going to collate for the course, in a webspace. They share one or two resources below. 
  2. Preparing the course is triggering lots of reflections about their own practice, which they want to share. They’ve been asking themselves, ‘When I facilitate, who do I become and what am I bringing of myself to this role? Who am I as a facilitator?”

The full post is on the Facilitation Anywhere blog