Thursday, September 27, 2007

The importance of citizen media: Ethan Zuckerman on Global Voices

Ethan Zuckerman, key note speaker on the third day of the Web2forDev conference, presents Global Voices Online and explains the importance of citizen media.

Global Voices is a worldwide citizen media project, leveraging the huge amount of content that is produced every day in different formats to share views on different global issues. A great part of this content is produced by people from developing countries, offering "views and perspectives that you are not going to find in any other traditional media".

But Global Voices is more that a simple content aggregator. Thanks to a great number of volunteers, 40 to 100 new stories are translated each day, put into context and published, thus reaching a wide audience worldwide.

Working along these lines, Global Voices not only mobilizes user generated content, it also addresses critical issues such as the selection and filtering of content, translation in other languages and contextualisation of information.

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