Thursday, September 27, 2007

GINKS combines text and video in Ghana

An interesting presentation in the Web2forDev conference was the experience of GINKS with video blogging (open with IE). In this interview, Prince Deh explains the advantages vlogging has in a country like Ghana:

According to Prince, combining video with text based information is a powerful way for GINKS to reach its audience. Most Ghanaians, and African in general, do not have a strong reading habit, therefore video is a most suitable means to communicate and disseminate information in a way which is attractive for the users. Moreover, the text component offers additional information, by creating links to related interesting resources that users can easily access.

Overall, he expresses his appreciation for what he has been learning during the conference. Coming to Rome with "high expectations", he was able to discuss his experience and confront it with others', getting more insights in particular on elements such as tagging and podcasting. With no doubt, Prince feels he has broadened his web2 knowledge and will soon experiment with the new things he saw during this event.

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