Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Aid effectiveness: preparation of the Accra High Level Forum

Source: EU News no. 2, March 2008

The Accra High Level Forum (HLF) will take place on September 2nd – 5th 2008 in Accra, Ghana. An International Steering committee (ISC) provides advice on content and process of the HLF. The OECD has now started publishing the minutes from the ISC meetings on their website where you can also see who participates in these meetings from each country.

Developing country governments presented their six priorities for Accra: Conditionality, Capacity development, Incentives for good performance (for donor agencies), Division of labour/ complementarity (but on their terms), Predictability and Untying. At a European level, the EU will negotiate a collective statement to be agreed by the GAERC meeting of Development Ministers on the 28th May. It is likely to focus on the division of labour, predictability of aid and potentially conditionality.

The Ghana CSO Forum supported by the CSO International Steering Group will organise a large parallel conference in Accra on aid effectiveness. This conference will bring together 300 participants and it will take place on the 30th August to the 1st September.

A debate on Civil Society and aid effectiveness, initiated under the leadership of the Canadian aid agency (CIDA) is going on since several months. After the regional workshops that took place in the Autumn (Northern NGO workshop organised by CONCORD in October) and the Nairobi seminar where SC representatives from all regions shared their views, the process culminated with the International Forum that took place in Ottawa in the beginning of February where civil society representatives from all over the world met with official representatives of donors and recipient countries. The Forum showed that there are high expectations on civil society to develop its own principles on Aid Effectiveness/Development Effectiveness. At European level, CONCORD will take a lead initially to facilitate such a process. Read more...

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