Tuesday, March 11, 2008

EU-Africa: what role for civil society?

Source: EU News no. 2, March 2008

The participation of civil society was the subject of a one-day seminar on 10 March where European civil society organisations who have been active in the drafting phase of the strategy were invited to exchange views and present suggestions on the best way to involve civil society actors in the institutional architecture of the strategy.

Issues discussed included the principles and modalities of the mapping of civil society actors and the place of CS actors in the institutional architecture and dialogue mechanisms. Suggestions were made at the meeting but need to be further developed and refined taking into account the parallel progress on the official side. For that reason it was suggested to establish a temporary steering group between the EC, the Council and a group of civil society representatives from the membership of the Civil Society Contact Group and other interested actors. A similar process is taking place on the African side. Read more...

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