Friday, April 25, 2008

Fifth Brussels Development Briefing debated fair trade

On 16 April, CTA, Euforic, and other partners organised the fifth in the series of Brussels Development Briefings, in collaboration with the Fair Trade Advocacy Office.

Several key issues involved in fair trade initiatives were discussed: the benefits of fair trade for development and poverty reduction with special reference to the ACP countries; challenges for market access for ACP producers; the role of the supermarkets in standard-setting and labelling (including food miles issues); and awareness and information campaigns to educate consumers. The programme, presentations and video materials, speaker information, video interviews, and further readings are available at the Brussels Briefings website.

Earlier Brussels Briefings looked at 'The climate challenge for ACP agriculture', 'Aid for Trade', 'Advancing African Agriculture' and 'Challenges to rural development in ACP countries.'

See also Euforic newsfeeds on fair trade and ACP trade