Sunday, June 22, 2008

Showcasing Information Services: Euforic 2008 annual meeting in Geneva

The 2008 annual meeting of members was held in Geneva on 24 June, alongside the EADI General Conference "Global Governance for Sustainable Development"

From 14:30 - 17:00, Euforic joined with the EADI Information Management Working Group in a workshop 'Showcasing Knowledge and Information Services.'

The session was meant for people working with information and knowledge in development. It showcased diverse information and communication services, allowing participants to learn about the various initiatives, comparing and contrasting their approaches, and assessing their usefulness to their own efforts. Among the services introduced: R4D, Hinari, Reliefweb, Newsfordev,, El@nd, ComPart Flowers, LEISA, InfoResources, EADI, IDS Knowledge Services, and KIT.

You can read a report of the session on the EADI Conference Blog.

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