Tuesday, June 24, 2008

LEISA Network Portal

During the Euforic/EADI case study workshop ‘Showcasing Knowledge and Information Services’ Wilma Roem (ILEIA) talked about the LEISA Network Portal, which is standing for 'Exchanging Information on Low External Input and Sustainable Agriculture'.

LEISA offers a magazine providing experience articles on sustainable smallholder agriculture. The global edition of the magazine is published in English but beside that there are regional editions for West Africa (French), India (English), China (Chinese), Latin America (Spain), Brazil (Portuguese) and Indonesia (Indonesian).

Over 4000 articles are available on the LEISA portal which mainly serves the exchange for the 7 partner organisations of ILEIA but also offers resources for a broader community. The interactive site offers information about events, provides library resources using tools including newsletters, discussion forums, thematic dossiers, intranet for the partners, blogs and rss-feeds.

According to Ms. Roem the portal is the leading portal on sustainable smallholder agriculture and is a treasure for all practitioners.

See Ms. Roems presentation:

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