Thursday, July 10, 2008

Update on ICCO's knowledge sharing with partners project

In early 2007, ICCO and partners in its alliance launched an ambitious project to encourage communication and knowledge sharing to enhance learning and development effectiveness. The project has grown into its own identity - ComPart, or 'communication with partners.' The project aims to blend a set of communication tools with ongoing organizational changes, engaging partners across and Alliance and in the South in open learning environments.

In May and June we brought some people together to review progress and discuss plans and priorities. We started with a meeting of ComPart activists within the ICCO Alliance (read a report). We followed this 'internal' discussion with a 2-day workshop in Lisbon (coinciding with KM4Dev) where we met with potential partners in developing countries. Maarten Boers of ICCO reflects on the first and second days discussions.

Soon after, at the Euforic annual meeting, Maarten gave a brief presentation on the ComPart approach. Check out his presentation, and a short video interview.

Visit the ComPart wiki

See the joint ICCO/euforic 'web2share' support wiki with information on the tools being used.