Thursday, November 27, 2008

Elections 2009 of the European Parliament: What European NGOs expect from the candidates

Concord press release, 26 November 2008

Months before most of the political parties, CONCORD, the European confederation of Developemnt and relief NGOs, has issued its manifesto on the European elections. In the presence of representatives from the European institutions and the civil society, it has revealed this 26 November the expectations of the European NGOs toward the candidates for the European Parliament’s elections and the main challenges for the European Union in the coming years.

In June 2009, over half billion of citizens from the 27 Member States of the European Union will elect their representatives for 2009-2014. CONCORD and its members will take action to mobilise the citizens and raise their awareness regarding the importance of development cooperation. The European Union remains the biggest donor of aid in the world and can influence the negociations at international level that are impacting on developing countries such at the Summit on Financing for Development next week in Doha. Citizens must think about this before electing a candidate.

Up to CONCORD, the 3 main objectives that the European Union should reach are: sustainable development, improvement of development aid and democratic responsibility. CONCORD urges the candidates to vote in favour of these issues once they are elected.

As explained Annamária Kekesi from the national association of Hungary and Board member of CONCORD : “ The global crisis on finance, climate and food show us that we can not wait to share our views and mobilise politicians at European and national level before and after the elections.”
Trade, agriculture, environment, migration and other policies have an impact on sustainable development. The current policies have not managed to eradicate poverty in Europe and in the world. More over, the implementation of these policies have aggravated the situation of people outside the European Union.

In order to promote a responsible Europe, CONCORD calls for a partnership between the civil society and the European Parliament that supports the right to sustainable development and accountability to citizens.

As explained Mike Mathias from the national association of Luxembourg : “we need elections that bring a change in Europe to achieve a real sustainable development with more and better aid and democratic accountability. “

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