Monday, April 27, 2009

Putting web 2.0 to work - training on the social web - London, June 1-2, 2009

Facebook and Delicious are five years old; Blogger nearly 10 and Twitter already three! Web 2.0 is no longer new and web teams are active users. The challenge has always been how to connect and integrate them into business processes across the whole organisation process daily business processes, for Communications, Campaigning and Knowledge Sharing.

This course targets primarily the UK based NGOs and is designed for individuals and teams who are currently exploring these tools and want to extend their use. This will include members of smaller organisations, who may be using only one or two of the range of options. It will also include "second wave" adopters, individuals and teams who are not web specialists but who want to extend their using web 2.0 approaches into areas such as policy communications; collaborative working; publications, network and partnership relations and event management – bringing together participants, social reporting and documentation.

Over the past four years Euforic has developed an approach to integrating these tools which has been the basis for its training programmes, as well as for its leading role in the 07 Rome web2fordev conference. This two-day practical course has been adapted to the UK context. It aims to equip you with the skills to use and combine these tools into useful small information sharing and publishing systems. We will be exploring and learning from a typical organisational toolkit 2.0. This might include blogging, the use of multi-media tools, wikis, custom searches and customised feeds for news or knowledge sharing as well as, especially in the UK, use of online Social Networks. The individual tools are easy to use and free.

Participants are encouraged to bring examples and challenges from their own situations as the basis for the practical work and we will look at examples from UK and other European development and social change NGOs. Healthlink Worldwide, a Euforic member and an avid user of new media, is hosting the training.

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