Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Global Perspectives on a Nuclear Free World, Human Rights and the Economic Crisis

In the light of the latest nuclear bomb test in North Korea the cover story of the latest issue of the magazine 'Global Perspectives' sums up the latest initiatives and developments on nuclear disarmament and non-proliferation.

Furthermore a report from the UN Human Rights Conference in Geneva and on the recent elections of the USA to the UN Human Rights Committee looks at the future role of the world power in this area. According to the author the US is committed to fight the dominance of human rights violators in the UN organ in the upcoming 3-years term.

Further a report of the Commission on Climate Change and Development, chaired by the Swedish Development Minister Gunilla Carlsson, urges donors to honor their commitment to climate change adaptation in developing countries and demands an additional 1.2 billion US-$ to support the most vulnerable that already suffer from the effects of climate change.

The recent report on the African Economic Outlook says that although the Financial Crisis has dramatic effects on Africa, the continent is better prepared than 10 years ago.

"...we should not despair." says Kasekende (chief economist of the African
Development Bank), "The decade of reform has introduced efficiency in macroeconomic management and made African economies more competitive. Countries should therefore desist from implementing policies that restrain further integration of the continent into the global trading and financial environment."

Global Perspectives is a bi-lingual (English/German) joint production by IPS Inter Press Service Europe and the Global Cooperation Council, published by Globalom Media. The monthly editions on various themes of international cooperation and development are downloadable for free.

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by Martin Behrens