Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Cotton Dialogues 2011 - The face-to-face meeting of the Global Organic Cotton Platform

After having supported the 2009 World Congress on Organic Cotton, we've recently collaborated with Helvetas for social reporting the Cotton Dialogues 2011, held in the context of the 2011 Sustainable Textiles Conference in Barcelona.

The meeting served as an opportunity for the Global Organic Cotton Platform to meet face-to-face and help improve the future sustainability of organic cotton production and trade through dynamic discussion. Three 'roundtable discussions' took place during the day, addressing the key topics: shaping the future of non-GM seed supply; Developing guidelines for responsible business practice and trade; Supporting sustainable growth.

Each session, featuring world experts from a diverse background and different sectors, saw a rich dialogue and constructive ideas to move from discussion to action.

We supported the event through blipping most of the event speakers and facilitators. After each session we shot short, unscripted video interviews capturing first hand ideas and comments from participants. We edited the clips on the spot and shared them with the broader audience on Blip TV and through Twitter. Ultimately the final product is also shared online with the organic cotton community members by archiving it in the platform library.

The following content is available: