Saturday, February 02, 2008

Reviewing the Dutch Africa Policy

In February, the Policy and Operations Evaluation Department (IOB) of the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs published the report of its evaluation of Dutch Africa policy between 1998 and 2006. The report contains several hard-hitting conclusions on the direction of Dutch development policy.

The February issue of The Broker features an exclusive report on this IOB evaluation and the first external reactions to its findings.

The issue highlights the good policy intentions, points to the mixed results, and examines results in areas including budget support, sectoral approaches, education, agriculture-urban, governance, ownership, coherence, conflict management, debt, and knowledge and research.

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As lead-in to an online discussion, the issue presents comments on the report from Africa development specialists including: Ernest Aryeetey (ISSER, Ghana), George Ayittey (American University), Joan Boer (OECD), Nils Boesen (Denmark), Solveig Buhl (OECD), Anders Danielson (Sweden), Han van Dijk (Wageningen University), Stephen Ellis (ASC), Leo de Haan (ASC), Paul Hoebink (CIDIN), Wil Hout (ISS), Simon Maxwell (ODI), Nadia Molenaers (University of Antwerp), Oliver Morrissey (University of Nottingham), Steven Ndegwa (World Bank), Francis Nyamnjoh (CODESRIA), Brian Pratt (INTRAC), Joseph Semboja (REPOA, Tanzania), David Sogge (Netherlands), Marian Tupy (Cato Institute), and Doris Voorbraak (World Bank).

At The Broker, you can also sign up for the online discussion on the Dutch Africa policy.

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