Thursday, September 18, 2008

Three organisations join Euforic

This week, the Euforic Board approved membership applications from the DiploFoundation, Healthlink Worldwide and the Wellcome Trust (International Department).

The DiploFoundation is a leading training organisation in the field of diplomacy and international relations. Its objective is to provide capacity building activities in this area for a range of stakeholders in developing countries, including civil society. The activities of the DiploFoundation focus on offering (online) courses, capacity building, research, publications and software development.

Healthlink Worldwide is the specialist health and development agency, based in the United Kingdom, that empowers through communication to improve the health and well being of disadvantaged communities in developing countries. Healthlink provides expertise in communication, knowledge management and learning works with organisations and institutions at all levels, from local and national NGOs to national and international decision making bodies.

The Wellcome Trust devotes a significant amount of its international funding to supporting health-related research in developing countries. The three main strands of support are: personal and research support, with an emphasis on public health, tropical medicine and building research capacity; research fellowships support for outstanding researchers ; collaborations between developing countries and the UK, and major international partnerships between countries with developed market economies.

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