Friday, September 19, 2008

Technology: A Platform for Development?

On 30 and 31 October, this Chatham House Conference will seek to identify best practice to achieve the successful application of technologies throughout the developing world. What are the most suitable technologies? Which particular sectors could benefit the most from the introduction of technology? How can investment be encouraged? How can it be ensured that implementation is successful?

Sessions will explore:
  • good practices: What are the key criteria for successful technology diffusion, politically, socially and technically? Are multi stakeholder partnerships the way forward, or are other models more viable?
  • enabling environments: How do governments, international organizations and technology companies create and maintain an enabling environment? Can developing countries make provisions to adapt their competition law and telecoms regulation to accelerate the development of the ICT industry? Which technologies are likely to be a real driver for change?
  • The potential of technology: ICT, mobile applications and beyond: Which sectors are particularly benefiting from the introduction of new technologies? Which technologies are likely to play a significant role in driving development forward in the future? How are small digital devices changing the technology field? What are they going to look like and how will they be employed?
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