Saturday, March 03, 2007

Norad library explores 'new web' applications and tools

For three days at the end of February, Euforic's Chris Addison introduced a range of new 'web 2.0' applications and tools to colleagues in the the NORAD library and staff from its Programme departments.

Under the title 'The web has changed - library use and support of new web tools and services', NORAD staff explored emerging web opportunities to retrieve and communicate information. In hands-on sessions, participants assessed the use of wikis, blogs, bloglines, and social bookmarking tools as part of the library's reference and intranet activities. More generally, NORAD staff updated themselves on web developments and increasingly personalised search and awareness tools.

More information on Euforic activities in this area is on our projects page; see also our dossier on information, knowledge, communication.