Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Communication Network: ready? Go!

Bloggers, press officers, campaigners – there is a lot of talent among the CONCORD membership. So, CONCORD has created a Communication Network to link all these people. Together, these communication officers will discuss their needs, problems and good practice, increase their capacity through training, and reinforce each other’s work at national and European level. After last month’s pan-European launch of the report on the reality of aid, they gathered in Brussels for the first Communication Seminar: nine workshops offering training and peer-to-peer exchanges of experience and knowledge. The central theme was how to use new techniques better in order to increase the impact of NGOs when campaigning, advocating, raising funds or dealing with the media.

Because CONCORD believes that networking with other sectors, such as research institutes and media specialists, can only reinforce its collective work, researchers and members of Euforic (the development information network) were also present. In the evening of 5 June, a cocktail presentation of the exhibition "1000 Families" by ECHOS Communication demonstrated how an exhibition can be used for development education, networking and media involvement.

Most of the workshops and discussions were immediately documented on the conference blog:

Another outcome, a “knowledge centre” about the new techniques and resources available this summer on the web, has also been set up on the CONCORD extranet, in the Communication section.

The work of CONCORD’s Communication Network will continue with after-work "pub meetings" in Brussels in September and December, where media officers, journalists and policy officers will exchange information and promote joint activities. In September, Euforic will provide training on new web techniques in Rome, and subsequently in any other country willing to host the training. Next year another pan-European press action will mobilise the Communication Network, and CONCORD's photo exhibition on the impact of the Europe in developing countries will tour Europe. As for other activities – well, let's brainstorm together!

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Source: CONCORD Flash - June 2007.

See also Euforic dossier on information, knowledge, communication.