Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Public Consultation on DFID Research Strategy 2008–2013

The Department for International Development (DFID) funds research which aims to help reduce poverty in poor countries by developing new technologies and policy-related knowledge and helping to get these used.

In 2007, DFID is seeking views to help it develop a new research strategy to begin in April 2008.

Issues for the new research strategy include discussion of 'what' research DFID should support. Urbanisation, globalisation and climate change are just some of the issues which present new challenges for development and development research. This consultation asks how the new research strategy can help countries deal with emerging issues - be they new diseases, trading opportunities, migration, changes in world economic power etc.

The consultation seeks to explore how DFID can build on its four priority research themes:

    • sustainable agriculture;
    • “killer diseases” and healthcare;
    • states that work for poor people;
    • the impact of climate change on poverty.

It also ask for ideas on 'how' DFID supported research can best be impleented, how DFID can:

  • improve the way it identifies demand for research from end-users in developing countries;
  • promote more cutting-edge science that will benefit poor people;
  • work more effectively to help developing countries to carry out, access and use research themselves; and
  • make it more likely that research will be used.

How to give your views

The electronic consultation is available on the DFID website at