Tuesday, September 11, 2007

EU development policy in a changing world

Source: EADI E-Newsletter, September 2007

New book by Andrew Mold: 'EU development policy in a changing world: challenges for the 21st century'

On many fronts, EU development policy is at a critical juncture. In the face of major new challenges, such as the current impasse in the Doha Round of multilateral trade negotiations, and increasing concerns over security threats, the European Union is having to rethink much of its development policy both with its ‘near neighbours’ and in the South. How has the process of enlargement impacted on EU development policy? What would a ‘development-friendly’ trade policy look like? What kind of relations should the EU aspire to with North Africa and Middle East? Can the EU design a coherent approach towards developing countries or will its other interests, such as protectionism in agriculture or its neighbourhood policy, constrain its development policy? This edited volume, drawing on the expertise of well-known specialists in their respective fields, provides a critical overview of EU development policy and the challenges that it must confront in an increasingly volatile and changing world.

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