Monday, October 15, 2007

Building our knowledge base on environment and climate change

15 October 2007: On international blog action day, it's striking to note the power of the Internet to mobilize bloggers and activists from around the world, - including an EU commissioner!

Such action on the environment is important to raise awareness and trigger reflection by each of us. We also need knowledge and information to deal with the complex issues associated with climate change and development.

Finding ways to present this knowledge and choosing the best research to answer the question 'how will climate change development' are two major concerns for one donor, DFID in the UK. They present existing research they fund through the R4D portal They also seek advice on future research strategies in this area through a public consultation.

Climate change and development is also the main focus of the 2007 EU Development Days in Lisbon in November. The programme includes a side session by Euforic, CTA, IIED, SARDC and other partners will explore ways in which knowledge and information on climate change and development is accessed and communicated.

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