Monday, April 14, 2008

Workshop: Introducing Blogs, Wikis, Newsfeeds and RSS - Maastricht, 10 and 11 April, 2008

On April 10 and 11, Euforic organised its third two-day workshop on the 'new' or 'social' web. Aimed at people in organizations working in international cooperation, it familiarized participants with new tools and showed how to use them to deliver low cost, participatory, and more integrated web presence.

Covering the use of Blogs, Wikis, Newsfeeds and RSS the course combined presentations, hands-on, and lessons from people already using these tools. Participants could see what others have done, how they could use these tools and assess how they can help them and their organization to find relevant - and often hidden – information; also how they can help disseminate their information more widely.

The closing roundtable highlighted some of the lessons learned and the issues emerged during the two days:

"I'm very interested in wikis and in the possibility to disseminate the conte we produce via services such as iTunes; I think we have a lot to do to improve our services! I'll try to keep my blog going, also to document the process of writing an annual report with a wiki."

"First of all, I had a lot of fun in the past two days! I'll be using several of the tools I've seen these days. For example, I'm thinking that we could use wikis for developing educational booklets. Further, social bookmarking seems to be ideal for working with colleagues."

"I think it's important to see how these tools can find practical application in my day-to-day work, attaching the tools to concrete issues. Wikis for example seem to be ideal for conference setup and follow up, while a blog can be used for creating discussion spaces. For sure I intend to make a more intense use of Delicious to feed and update the documentation center of my organisation."

"I also had really a lot of fun! It's very good to have so many hands on session and to be have enough space to discuss with colleagues which tools could be used, for what. I think I'll be using delicious for personal use first, then I'll see how to introduce it in the office. And I've already started to read feeds to keep track of what's happening."

"The tools are easy to learn and to use. I see lot of opportunities in the 'new' web: I work with networks, and members need to communicate with each others, but this is sometimes difficult to get. These new tools may help out in that, and people need not to be afraid of the technology. Further, I also had a lot of fun!

"I need to dive more into these things and overcome the fear of exposing myself. But I believe that once you get the things rolling, you'll have better impact and dissemination and save yourself a lot of work!"

This workshop is part of Euforic's 'web2share initiative' that supports our members and others in the use the new web tools and services and finding ways to work collectively.

See Euforic newsfeed, dossier and wiki on web 2.0.