Friday, April 25, 2008

EC support to research for development

Paolo Sarfati of DG Development in the European Commission recently met with Euforic to explain the Commission's current approach to research for development, and to agricultural research in particular.

The Commission has a particular focus on agriculture and Africa because these are seen as key to addressing poverty. The Commission supports research at the international level through the CGIAR; at the regional level through FARA, and at subregional levels through ASARECA, CORAF and SADC/FARN.

Sarfati outline a four point approach to research for development:

First, the intention is to focus in Europe on research serving the MDGs, for example research on health, agriculture, climate change, and energy. Second, is a focus on strengthening infrastructure and the capacity of Southern research organisations. Third is to address the issue of brain drain of southern researchers to the north by ensuring "brain circulation" as has proved so successful in emerging nations. The fourth area is coherence.

by Chris Addison