Tuesday, May 20, 2008

How well is your website?

How does your web site compare with the others in the community, how do you improve your position in searches and directories? Are all your key documents found in Google scholar? Are your publications already online in Google books?

For several years, Euforic has carried out reviews of websites and intranets. We have just completed a review for one our members - ILEIA.

Using five star ratings we assessed the web presence of the LEISA site together with similar sites against different criteria. The site was measured for quality, recognition, indexing, profile in the new media, scale and popularity.

We used industry standards for site comparisons and some of our own relating to retrieval, keywording and indexing.

We held a very interesting workshop with staff based on the findings of the survey and were able to demonstrate issues and solutions before finalising the report.

The Euforic site itself continues to increase its web presence. In addition to the main site which has an audience of around 50,000 a month, we publish over 100 presentations on slideshare and over 200 videos on Just last month there were 700 views in two days of the videos posted for the DFID research launch.

We also find that more and more of our audiences find materials through these other channels, as well as on our main web site. With more email subscribers and people finding our material in feeds and even through our page on Facebook we are reaching new audiences. If you want to find out more through your own web profile analysis, send us an email at info[at]euforic[dot]org

See also Euforic newsfeeds, dossiers and wiki on web 2.0.

Story by Chris Addison