Tuesday, June 24, 2008

InfoResources - Information on natural resources and development

During the Euforic/EADI workshop ‘Showcasing Knowledge and Information Services’ Fani Kakridi presented InfoResources, an information service for development practitioners interested in natural resources and the related discussion in international development. The special demand of the target group is to get hand on the most important information in a short and elaborated format.

We asked Ms. Kakridi to give us a summary of the main features:

Under the mandate of the Swiss Development Cooperation Agency (SDC) the service selects and comments on innovative resources which are published in free publications available in print and electronically. The publications are offered in English, Spain and French. As main challenge Ms. Fani mentioned the diverse target group interests with a hunger for information in the South and too much information in the North.

See her presentation below:

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