Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Development effectiveness versus aid effectiveness

With a few weeks to go until the Accra Forum, discussions on the effectiveness of aid are close to the peak. However as a new paper by OEFSE (pdf in German) observes, they tend revolve around issues of technical-operative implementation of development programs rather than more fundamental issues like the usefulness of development policy, structural pre-conditions of North-South relations or new challenges for international cooperation.

The paper by Clemens Six discusses the UNDP concept of Development Effectiveness which

"reflects the extent to which an institution or intervention has brought about targeted change in a country or the life of the individual beneficiary. Development effectiveness is influenced by various factors, beginning with the quality of project design and ending with the relevance and sustainability of desired results” [UNDP 2001]

According to the author, the concept is much broader with Aid Effectiveness actually being just one aspect of a more complex framework. Looking on the diverse definitions of development and effectiveness, the paper challenges the reader to reflect on mainstream concepts and to take other issues like the 'Right to Development', 'Commitment to Development' and micro-level effectiveness and empowerment into consideration.

by Martin Behrens

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