Sunday, October 12, 2008

Using Euforic: What and who?

Just like our members and partners, each month, we spend some time examining the various sets of data and metrics about the use of Euforic. With a move toward more social, interactive 'web 2.0' services, it is less and less easy to see 'all' the uses and users from one interface. The information we index is mostly on other people's web sites - the information we share goes out across several different platforms.

Last week, we added a page on our web site that lists the most popular stories highlighted in our main english and french email alerts/RSS feeds. We also list the most popular newsfeeds, in terms of items viewed and 'clicked through'. We aim to repeat this each month to give you and us a sense of what's popular.

In the same period, the most popular pages on our web site (based on google analytics) were the home page, countries, euforic members, euforic projects, development issues, about euforic, search euforic, development newsfeeds, and euforic workshops....

Of the visits, 71% came from addresses in Europe, 10% from North America, 7% from Asia, 5.5% from Africa, and 3% from South America. We can see from a table of world internet users, that the regional breakdown of visitors to the Euforic web site is biased somewhat: Where 26% of Internet users are in Europe, 71% of our visits are from Europe; where nearly 40% of Internet users are in Asia, only 7% of our vists are from Asia; and where 3.5% of Internet users are in Africa, some 5.5% of our visits are from Africa.

Next time: something more on our blogs, blips, and slides...