Tuesday, November 04, 2008

CFFA Meeting at Aprodev in Brussels

CFFA, the Coalition for Fair Fisheries Arrangements, is a platform of NGOs that supports a multi-functional fisheries model that works for everyone involved, both inside and outside Europe. CFFA supplies detailed information to coastal fishing communities with a view to promoting their active and informed participation in decision making processes affecting their livelihoods, with a special focus on fisheries relations between the European Union and ACP countries.

CFFA holds its next meeting on the 27th of November at Aprodev in Brussels (Boulevard Charlemagne 28). On the agenda are:
  • The FAO meeting on artisanal fisheries in Bangkok in October 2008 and the next meeting of the FAO committee on fisheries in 2009
  • The 2012 review of the EU Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) and CFFA priorities
  • The presentation of a CFFA paper on corruption and fisheries in West Africa
  • The future of the CFFA discussion and information
    email group, which is supported by Euforic and the CTA
For more information, write an email to: BĂ©atrice Gorez (

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