Friday, November 21, 2008

NGOs: how can you communicate better with your members?

Source: Concord Flash, nr. 55, October 2008

Second seminar for CONCORD’s Communication Group since it was set up in 2007. On
the menu, two main courses:

  • How can we communicate better with our members?
  • Full steam ahead for the EU elections in 2009.

While the link between the two topics may not be obvious, in fact one is a starter course coming before the other.

It is actually crucial for a national platform or a European network to be able to mobilise its members to campaign on raising public awareness and to take on candidates and politicians for the EU elections in 2009.

The recipe for success? Exchanges of experience mixed with more academic reflection, seasoned with training and served with web 2.0 sauce presented by Euforic. Judge for yourself by visiting the blog started by the seminar participants. Photos, a video, comments and mini-articles will bring these two days to life for you. And to see all the photos, be sure to visit:

For dessert, we’ll have to wait until February 2009 and the third communication seminar, which will focus on “How we can communicate better with the press”, with a view to mobilising the media on the EU elections. This will be a chance for CONCORD members to compare their intentions as regards these elections.

For further information contact Agnès Philippart

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