Monday, September 21, 2009

ATOL has relaunched its website

Recently, Euforic's member organisation ATOL (Belgium) has drastically changed its website ( At the moment only the Dutch language version is fully operational, but the French version is supposed to be ready soon.

The changes include not only a new look and feel but the information about ATOL's vision, mission, and activities is presented in a far more organised way to make it easier for readers to understand what ATOL is all about. Topically, ATOL's activities focus on empowerment, gender, the learning organisation, social economy and development information, whereby it plays an advisory role providing information and knowledge, doing research and consultancy.

The most prominent change however is the application of Web 2.0 features such as Twitter, RSS feeds etc., enhancing the interactive character of the website and reinforcing the broadcasting and sharing of information.

ATOL is an active member of the Euforic cooperative and has contributed in several Annual General Meetings by facilitating sessions and presentations, and has participated in various projects.

For more information about the ATOL website, please contact Ann Fransen

See also Euforic's newsfeed on ATOL and on information, knowledge, and communication