Friday, April 23, 2010

Euforic - a service continues

Like most organisations, Euforic went through a series of transformations in its 15 years. In its final phase it earned a reputation as one of the pioneers in the use of Web 2.0 tools to support Information and Knowledge Management (IKM) in development organisations. Many, many European organisations that now use these tools actively started their journeys in training programmes run out of the Euforic offices in Maastricht. At the same time the Euforic team and associates became involved in a wide range of practical Communication and IKM projects within development organisations.

The organisation called Euforic cooperative closed at the end of 2009. We have formed Euforic Services Ltd to continue the training and support functions. We are delighted to have the full support of the Board for our plans to continue and extend Euforic's work.

The landscape that Euforic Services is negotiating is very different to the early days of Web 2.0. So much of what was new and experimental then has become mainstream while emergent trends, especially those related to the continued convergence of technology and applications onto mobile platforms, opens up opportunities every bit as exciting and challenging as the advent of the Read/Write web. We are especially interested in the social dimension of these developments. Communication and collaboration have always been the bedrock of effective development and the new tools have transformed how we talk to and work with our friends and partners across the globe. Our major projects ICCO ComPart and Research for Development - focus on connecting and collaborating, which is why we feature in our banner Christophe Hein from Burkina Faso and Rosamelia Andrade from the RIMISP (Chile) at a ComPart workshop.

At its core the continuation that Euforic Services represents is based on who we are and who we work with. Through our project work and research we are still travelling with most of the people who made up the core of Euforic. Connecting people was always at the heart of the cooperative's and is still at the centre of this, the latest manifestation.We'll be using this blog space to show and discuss what we are doing. Come and join us.