Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Social reporting at KM Singapore 2012

I've arrived today in Singapore where I'll be doing social reporting at the KM Singapore Annual Conference. This is the second year that I have attended this event and I very much look forward to the conference starting tomorrow.

Organized by the Information & Knowledge Management Society of Singapore (iKMS) - a non-profit organisation aimed at serving information and knowledge management (KM) professionals - the 2012 KM Singapore Conference is the 9th Conference organised by the Society. For this year, the theme of the event is "Exploring the Frontiers of KM". To quote from the conference brief:
We want to look at emerging trends and reflect on implications for information and knowledge managers. Such trends may be in the realms of business management, IT, science, economy or society. The conference aims to bring together the IKM Community in Singapore, both IKM practitioners and partners from the public and private sectors to share and learn about the latest development in KM in Singapore and beyond.
Though the target audience is mainly from Singapore, several international speakers who'll take the floor over the next two days. And the programme looks *really* good! Check the conference website and judge for yourself.

So you are not in Singapore and you are interested in following the event remotely? No problem, we've got that covered!

The crowd here is very Twitter savvy so you can follow the hastag #kmsg for live tweets, quotes and twitpics from the event. Event better, you can check the awsome Twitter wall provided by JamiQ (@kelvinq) and see the different Tweets visualized in a great way.

In addition, the KMSG website will feature daily updates, including blogs and video interviews with speakers and participants, as well as pictures and presentations.

Join in and participate from wherever you are!