Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Join in and experiment with us - First KM4Dev Online Open Space

As is often the case, the recent face to face gatherings in Seattle and Geneva have rippled onto the KM4Dev list, bringing a lot of energy and discussions.

One conversation in particular generated a lot of interest, on the value and constraints of bringing people together to share and learn from each other. Between the need to reduce travel related meetings to limit our carbon footprint, decreasing budgets to organize and attend conferences and events, and a general ‘business’ that doesn’t always allow us to engage, “to what extent is convening a conversation still considered a luxury?

One of the (many) ideas that emerged was to try and organize a KM4Dev online open space - so we offered to facilitate the process to make it happen.


So you are invited to join us and experiment in the first KM4Dev Online Open Space on 14th June, from 02:00 London time (01:00 GMT) to 19:30 London time (18:30 GMT). We will be using Adobe Connect for the meetings and Google docs for the Market Place and for notes.

Suggested process

We’re proposing to run approximately two-hour long sessions, with a 30 min break between them. In total, we have up to 8 sessions scheduled, so all timezones should be well covered.
The suggested outline for each session is as below - but of course these are first thoughts and we welcome comments:
  • Hellos, including people logging in, 15m 
  • Introduction to Open Space - principles, how we’ll work, 10m 
  • Marketplace - looking at any suggestions already collected during the registration, inviting new topics, and then the process of agreeing which topics will be led by whom, followed by people selecting which one to join and allocating people to the different online breakout rooms, 30m
  • Conversations of about 30 - 45m 
  • Feedback, about 15m
  • Goodbyes, 5m

Who else is coming?

Some 15 people have already registered, and we’re already covering the whole globe, from Manila in the Philippines to Seattle in the US.

But as you can see in the illustration above by fellow km4dever Tina Hetzel, your piece is still missing. So why not joining us? You can register here and join the list with the other volunteers that have come forward to make this happening.

Come experiment with us, travelling with the sunshine over our planet!