Friday, October 26, 2007

Euforic 2.0: Sharing information on Europe’s development cooperation

A growing range of web 2.0 applications is revolutionizing how information can be accessed and shared. The experience of Euforic shows how these tools can be applied to increase content on a website while still keeping costs low.

Reflecting in ICT Update on the Euforic '2.0' story so far, Peter Ballantyne concludes:

"Overall, we find that using web 2.0 tools in a development service like Euforic provides more advantages than disadvantages. While the actual tools are just technical applications, using them forces us to adopt a mindset that particularly values the content and efforts of other people, encourages collaboration and makes knowledge open. These three notions are themselves close to the heart of effective development cooperation itself. So perhaps web 2.0 will become a perfect complement to ‘development 2.0’!"

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