Sunday, October 28, 2007

Euforic: Partner of the Month of the initiative

The initiative selected Euforic as partner of the month Novermber 2007.

According to the initiative "the continuous flow of added websites to the Initiative through their account that increases the quality of the search engine, but also the option they [Euforic]give use to promote the initiative during the ‘European Development Days’ Conference in Lisbon has made them partner of the month November 2007." provides a high quality search engine for practitioners, researchers and students in the area of global development studies. Other than generic search engines, like Google and Yahoo, indexes a specific choice of electronic resources, selected by librarians, researchers and practitioners working in participating institutions. The resources are selected based on their relevance for the development studies and the quality of the information.

For more information about the initiative visit the website.

If you also like to use Euforic content please have a look at our development cooperation feed collection on the Euforic website.