Monday, October 01, 2007

Web2share awareness with Italian NGOs

While participating at the Web2forDev conference in Rome, Euforic took the chance to meet up with some Italian NGOs to introduce and discuss the use of the 'new' web in development cooperation.

Co-orgainsed with Paolo Ferrara of Terre des Hommes Italy and hosted by WWF Italy, this information sharing session attracted colleagues from AMREF, Save the Children, SID and Action Aid. Participants got to know each other, swapping experiences with online information and communication. More important, they were introduced to 5 pillars of the new web and saw how some development organizations are already working with RSS, blogs and wikis.

The session was enriched by the presence of Italian information specialists working in international organizations or in European institutions. FAO's Luca Servo offered an interesting perspective on blogging and online communities of practice, Ivan Kulis talked about the role and activities of ECDPM, while Alberto Masetti-Zannini form the LSE introduced the results of his recent study on 'Web2.0 and International Development NGOs' offering an interesting "reality check" on the practical use and understanding on the new web by international development organizations.

Given the positive feedback and the genuine interest of participants to deepen their knowledge of the use of web2 applications, Euforic plans to co-organize some further sessions with partners in Italy.

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