Friday, November 16, 2007

FOND: the new Romanian NGDO platform

Source: Concord Flash 46, October 2007

Romania is one of the two most recent New Member States of the EU and the organisation of civil society is still a big concern there – the first NGDO platform was legalised only in March 2007. Welcome to FOND, which is composed of 34 Romanian development NGOs.

It is therefore of the utmost concern to TRIALOG to strengthen the platform by supporting events, trainings and the exchange of experiences in Romania, as well as the participation of Romanian representatives in different events in other European countries and within CONCORD. Some selected examples are the Seminar on Development Cooperation in Georgia (May, Bucharest), Development Cooperation in Moldova (June, Iasi), the FOND Board meeting on Strategic Planning and Membership Criteria (July, Bucharest) and European Funding and Partnership Opportunities for Romanian NGOs (July, Bucharest).

TRIALOG has also financially supported the new coordinator of the Romanian platform since April 2007.

After having participated in the CONCORD/Euforic web seminar, the Romanian coordinator set up the FOND website: the new platform blog is at This gives basic information on the platform and its activities (including in English).

For further information contact Claudia Iatan, FOND Coordinator

Also check out Euforic's dossier on Romania