Thursday, February 28, 2008

IKM Vines - navigator for web content on development

As part of the IKMemergent project, Euforic is developing a navigator system to browse web content using development terms. This combines searching with browsing in a new interface. The system is intended to provide an alternative view of content available online by allowing presentation of materials produced by and in developing countries.

The idea is to investigate the idea that organizations and individuals working in development have a skewed view of the world based on their use of Internet services. This is something like the difference between a 'Mercator' projection of the world where North America and Europe are huge and a 'Peters' projection where Africa and India are suddenly prominent as their ground area is more accurately represented.

Each term or keyword will produce a 'leaf' page, where relevant news, searches of databases, videos, audio files, events and other content are displayed.
Each leaf may be linked to a series of others by branches forming an overall 'vine' of pages, hence the name IKMvines.

The first phase to design example pages and control content display is underway using content from the euforic website.

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