Thursday, February 28, 2008

Web2Share: web2 guide for development organizations

Looking for an introduction to a new service on the web, and a guide on how to use it in your organisation? The new web2share site may be the answer.

A reference site for Euforic members and ICCO partners, the site has videos, presentations and a list of resources for various web2 services. The advantage of the site over a general guide is its examples from the development sector.

The screenshot shows a typical profile for the web2 services featured. Each section describes a service, with an introductory video or slideshow, a brief description and a set of resources and examples of the use of the service for development and international cooperation.

The reference site is integrated with the internal platforms of some of our members - currently these are available for ICCO through its ComPart 'flowers'.

The training site euforicweb continues and is integrated with the web2share site, offering exercises and 'training spaces' for euforic members and partners.

Other members can take advantage of the resources in web2share and backlinks to their intranets and sites can be included on request.

If you wish to join in further developing this site, please email us [info(AT)].

See also Euforic newsfeed and dossier on web2.